Water protection, cold protection, breathable, wind-proof

The RiekerTEX technology offers extensive weather protection - influences from moisture, cold and wind are effectively reduced, so you can enjoy your time outdoors even in uncomfortable weather! The sophisticated construction with water-repellent membrane increases comfort on wet-cold days and is at the same time breathable to create a comfortable foot climate.

Water protection

The RiekerTEX membrane provides active protection against moisture, so you can enjoy your time outdoors longer.

Cold protection

RiekerTEX acts like a protective shield with its thermo-regulating effect. Thus, the foot remains comfortably warm for a longer time, even in colder weather.


The RiekerTEX membrane allows moist air to escape from the shoe and thus optimizes the "climate" in your shoe.


Outstanding protection from wind thanks to the windblocker property offered by the RiekerTEX membrane.

The core of the RiekerTEX models is the water-repellent high-tech membrane. Incorporated between the outer material and the inner lining, it forms an effective protective layer against all types of weather.

Care instructions

The RiekerTEX membrane is basically very robust and durable. If cared for correctly, the shoe will maintain these excellent properties for its entire life.

 Dry shoes gently, do not leave close to a heat source (e.g. heating, oven): the material can crack if exposed to high temperature fluctuations.

Take a break from wearing your shoes to allow the trapped moisture in the material to dry out.

When impregnating the shoes, make sure that the spray is suitable for TEX membrane materials.