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Rieker Sport & Style – the bold extra in style, comfort and function! The product line stands for modern lifestyle and follows a sporty mindset. We are driven by our passion for shoes and their performance.

With Follow Your Passion, we present special sports that may not be world-famous, but are all the more spectacular and require the highest level of passion. After all, sport is not about always being as successful as possible, but about doing what you are passionate about and following your passion. Rieker Sport & Style – Follow Your Passion!




Rieker x Parkour

Exploring the city by running and jumping in an acrobatic, artistic and dynamic way. This is the passion of Amadei Weiland from Berlin, who started parkour running as a teenager after being inspired by the stunts in a Jackie Chan movie. Gradually, his hobby developed into a profession and in 2008 he became "Parcouring Vice World Champion". Amadei's conclusion: "Parkour is basically about following your passion and doing what you set your mind to!"

Rieker x Downhill Skating

Full speed, pure adrenaline and the indescribable feeling of freedom. This is what has driven Jasmijn Hanegraef's passion for downhill skating for 10 years. With other fellow skaters, the Belgian skater switched from parkour skating to the downhill variant, a sport which is all about racing down winding mountain roads at high speed on a longboard. In 2023, Jasmijn finished second at the World Downhill Skateboarding Championships and was runner-up in the world championship. "When I'm on the board, I´m immediately in skate mode!" – Follow your passion for skating!

Rieker x Slackline

Extreme balance, straight-line focus and spectacular tricking. Slacklining has been part of the daily routine of Marius Kitowski, a professional slackliner from Rosenheim, since the age of 15. With slacklining, the former competitive swimmer turned his sporting personality 180 degrees by learning how to move and coordinate his body effectively to master this sport. This has spurred him on to keep learning new tricks. His pro career began in 2014 with an invitation to the Red Bull Airlines tricklining contest, where he placed ahead of his idols. Marius' motto for his future career: "Follow your passion – do what you want to do, what feels good".

Rieker Sport & Style


Spectacular, breathtaking & a full dose of adrenaline! High-level sport requires one thing above all: passion! Follow Your Passion with Rieker Sport & Style!