Rieker Naiset Tennarit M1921-80

Forever the One: these crystal white sneakers made of smooth leather have it all: comfort, function and, of course, style. Despite a lacing, the shoe can be easily closed by the zipper. The platform sole is both ultra-light and flexible, offering a double sense of well-being at every step. Another plus is the extra soft removable cover sole. So let's get going!

  • MateriaaliSileä nahka
  • PäällysmateriaaliSileä nahka
  • VäriValkoinen
  • LeveysNormaali
  • Pohjan materiaaliEVA-pohja
  • Pohjallisen materiaaliNahka
  • KiinnitysVetoketju
  • Koron korkeus44 mm
  • Koot36-43