Rieker Evolution

More style! More comfort! More function!

Cool look with maximum comfort?

A bold increase in style, comfort and function defines the styles of the coming winter - warm lined mid-boots and high-top sneakers with rough, profiled soles that run from classic platform soles to sporty wedge soles. In multi-colored and multi-layered looks, they set new sole trends and match the young, modern lifestyle.

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With R-EVOLUTION, Rieker has set a new milestone in the company's 150-year history.

Rieker EVOLUTION redefines standards and merges well-known product categories. Technical elements from the outdoor segment, sneaker-typical design features, ultra-light soles and super-soft materials.

Rieker EVOLUTION stands for a product line that is adapted to today's lifestyle. adapted to today's lifestyle. Stylish but also sporty, comfortable, and functional.

A shoe that can do more than just look good!

'Style meets comfort' redefined!

'Style meets comfort' redefined!

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Comfort Core

'Style meets comfort' redefined!

The Comfort Core consists of an ultra-light and super-soft layer of EVA material and is the heart of the innovative EVOLUTION sole construction. The flexible EVA midsole is incorporated into the outsole and like this promises a comfortable walking sensation, which is beyond compare. "Style meets comfort" redefined!

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Rieker Evolution | HWK2023Rieker Evolution | HWK2023Rieker Evolution | HWK2023


In the trendy colors of white, beige, brown and black, the fusion styles of boot and sneaker present themselves as "strikingly inconspicuous" - cool material mixes ensure a varied design. Exterior fur applications also give the women's boots a cozy fur look.

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Rieker Evolution | Walk Safe

Fiber-Grip sole

Rieker Evolution | Walk Safe

The innovative Fiber-Grip sole offers extra grip in winter - even on icy surfaces



Rieker Evolution | Walk Dry

Nano Water-Protect

Rieker Evolution | Walk Safe

Nano particles form a firm bond with the surface and ensure that water and dirt are optimally repelled.



Rieker Evolution | Walk Warm

Thermo-Foil Core

Rieker Evolution | Walk Warm
1. Black fleece (polyester)2. 30% real wool (lambswool), 70% synthetic wool (polyester)3. Thermo-Foil Core

The removable MemoSoft insole has a core made of Thermo-Foil that blocks the cold to ensure comfortably warm feet.





With the multifaceted sneakers and boots in a sporty casual look from Rieker EVOLUTION, men are fashionably on the go in the city! Particularly trendy are the black and brown models with beige soles and varied material mixes - of course ultra-light, extremely soft and warmly lined! Also the all-black style never goes out of fashion and is an absolute must-have this winter. Redefine your style with Rieker EVOLUTION!

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Style, Comfort, Functional!

Rieker EVOLUTION offers a lot of smart features.

Water-repellent Rieker-TEX membrane, padded shaft edges, removable MEMOSOFT insoles and the ultra-light EVA outsole let you float on air. Why settle for less!

Rieker Evolution meets R-Tex Features