Rieker Dam Stövletter Y2533-00

Keep it classy! These night black ankle boots with higher shaft get a fashion upgrade through their black soles. The clever combination of zipper and lacing makes it easy to put the shoes on or take them off. A classy decoration around the shoe gives the shoe that certain something. The shock-absorbing, light profile sole with a high heel is a feel-good factor on top. Feet are guaranteed to stay warm all day thanks to the soft warm lining! The boot is an ideal everyday companion!

  • MaterialSyntet
  • FärgSvart
  • BreddNormal bredd
  • SulmaterialPU-yttersula
  • innersulaSyntetisk
  • FästtypBlixtlås
  • Klackhöjd74 mm
  • Schakthöjd12
  • Skostorlek36-42