Rieker Naiset Sandaalit 60880-90

Walking on Sunshine - at least that's how it feels. These silver strap sandals by Rieker have been intricately crafted. The entry is facilitated by an elastic insert. The decorative elements add that certain something. The sole is both shock-absorbing and light, offering a double sense of well-being at every step. The shoe fits perfectly due to the narrow E 1/2 fit. Fashionable wellness feeling in Rieker style!

  • MateriaaliSynteettinen materiaali
  • PäällysmateriaaliSynteettinen materiaali
  • VäriMetallinen
  • LeveysKapea
  • Pohjan materiaaliPU-pohja
  • Pohjallisen materiaalitekstiili
  • Kiinnityskuminauha
  • Koron korkeus35 mm
  • Koot36-42