Rieker Naiset Kesätossut 46778-10

Favorite shoe potential! Go for maximum comfort and ultimate style with these khaki pumps made of smooth leather by Rieker. In addition, the shoe fits like a glove thanks to the elastic insert. These pumps score in terms of support with a wide heel strap. The shock-absorbing and light sole with block heel additionally pampers the feet at every step. The narrow E 1/2 fit gives the foot extra support. Wait for what?

  • MateriaaliSileä nahka
  • PäällysmateriaaliSileä nahka
  • VäriVihreä
  • LeveysKapea
  • Pohjan materiaaliPU-pohja
  • Pohjallisen materiaaliSynteettinen materiaali
  • Kiinnityskuminauha
  • Koron korkeus44 mm
  • Koot36-42