Extra protection and comfort whatever the weather!

Shoes with the RiekerTEX membrane are water-repellent, so you can enjoy your outdoor time even more. RiekerTEX offers you additional weather protection to reduce the influence of cold, wetness and wind. This means that your shoes can defy the elements of nature for longer.

The centrepiece of the RiekerTEX model is its high-tech membrane. Worked in between the outer material and inner lining, it creates an effective water-repellent protective layer.

RiekerTEX – what does it mean?

Comfort for your feet – even on cold and wet days

Protection from wetness and cold; breathable and windproof. Our RiekerTEX models are designed to offer you extra protection and comfort in all weather conditions.

But how come?

Moisture protection

The RiekerTEX membrane offers active protection from wetness, so that you can enjoy your time outdoors for longer.

Cold protection

RiekerTEX works like a protective shield and will win you over with its thermoregulating effect. This means that your feet will remain pleasantly warm for longer, even in the cold.


The RiekerTEX membrane wicks moist air away from the shoe, thereby optimising the climate inside it.


Superb wearability in strong winds and harsh weather, thanks to the wind blocker feature offered by the RiekerTEX membrane.

Care instructions

The RiekerTEX membrane is basically very robust and durable. If cared for correctly, the shoe will maintain these excellent properties for its entire life.

 Dry shoes gently, do not leave close to a heat source (e.g. heating, oven): the material can crack if exposed to high temperature fluctuations.

 Take a break from wearing your shoes to allow the trapped moisture in the material to dry out.

 When impregnating the shoes, make sure that the spray is suitable for TEX membrane materials.